Video Processing - version 1

First Attempt at video processing

We don't know yet what to expect, so we'll just try things out and see what sticks. We'll use that as a starting point. We already have a small pilot video. We just need to convert it to something we can play with, starting with color.

To simplify things, we'll start by removing color:

Monochrome (1-bit) or Black and White with dithering looks too noisy.

Monochrome without dithering looks flat. The AI might miss out on important features.

Grayscale looks the best among the three.

We don't know how big an image/video we need. We'll just scale out samples from 320x240 to 160x120 and 80x60. We'll also resample the video from 30-frames per second (fps) to 24-fps and 16-fps. This will give us 9 (3 sizes x 3 fps) combinations to play with.

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