progress report 2009-02-28

We have recorded 50 signs (FSL) with two native signers and we plan to record 50 more in the next two weeks. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Lab at the EEE Institute next door have been kind enough to assist us. They have a Sony HandyCam with a built-in hard drive. Our raw samples are recorded at 720x480 at 30 fps.

I forgot to bring my camera last week. No pictures yet. I'll make another post with a shot of our setup

Notes and observations

  • You can make decent studio lights using a fluorescent bulb, cardboard and aluminium foil.
  • Tracing paper makes a good diffuser. More layers mean softer lights. Space between the papers soften the lights better than just stacking more paper.
  • Three hours is about the limit. Any longer than that and you start making mistakes more often.
  • Masking tape is very versatile. Just make sure you buy a good brand. Good masking tape should be sticky without leaving any residue.
  • Don't worry about bloopers. Just save it and go; Hard disk space is cheap enough and you could still find some use for it later.

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