Data Collection

update: I lost the pictures

In order to teach the machine FSL, video recordings of native signers are needed. For the first (pilot) stage, 50 1-handed (1H) signs and 57 2-handed (2H) signs will be recorded. Only traditional signs were selected. Each sign will be recorded in isolation; hands and arms start at a neutral position and will return to the neutral position after each sign. For comfort, the signer will be seated. To simplify processing, signers will wear black short-sleeved shirts and will be seated in front of a plain black background. Each video will be shot (and probably cropped) to include the whole signing space and little bit of space on the sides. The picture shows the neutral position.

In addition, 96 hand shapes will we recorded in isolation. Only the hand and a bit of the forearm will be included in the shot. Each hand shape will be recorded moving through six palm orientations.

The signs are grouped according to their basic hand shapes: Solid, Plane, Arc, Line and Other. Solid hand shapes are formed by forming a fist (or similar to it); Plane hand shapes have all (or most) fingers extended; Arc hand shapes have the fingers curved (round); Line hand shapes have one (or two) fingers selected and extended; Other is for everything else. Signs belong to one group; the groups are mutually exclusive. Note that this grouping is more for organizational purposes and nothing else; several hand shapes can be argued to belong to two (or more) groups .

This is not meant to be a comprehensive recording of FSL but rather a starting point for the research. A comprehensive collection of FSL recordings are another project.

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