marathon day 21: a long way to go

Data Collection
  • total of 117 unique signs (60 2-handed signs + 57 2-handed signs)
  • 3 signers per sign; on average 2 samples per sign per signer
  • approximately 700 isolated sign samples
  • 88 out of 700 isolated sign samples edited
  • 63 grouped sign samples
  • 37 out of 68 grouped sign samples edited

This is far from complete. In addition to editing the existing samples I also need to annotate and re-sample (resize) them appropriately. Analysis should reveal the direction(s) to take the research; this implies a new list will be made designed to capture/answer the questions raised during the analysis. One question already raised is this: what is the complexity of one-handed signs vs. two-handed signs?

Papers and Presentations
  • draft Chapter 1: Introduction almost done
  • draft Chapter 2: Review of Related Lit almost done
  • draft Chapter 3: Research Problem started
  • draft Chapter 4: Methodology started
  • draft Chapter 5: Results has nothing yet
  • elevator pitch presentation half-way done; needs more images/pictures
  • proposal defense presentation not even close

The goal is to produce a draft that can be edited and tweaked for three purposes: (a) a mid-term report; (b) paper for publication; and (c) thesis proposal.

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