marathon day 15: I lost my nose

It is time to re-evaluate our progress. What have we accomplished? What have we learned?


  1. Created a screencast of the prototype of the visualization tool for demonstrations.
  2. Incremental improvements in the visualization tool.
  3. Standardized the mencoder options for my data files. mencoder is part of the MPlayer project.
  4. Scheduled additional recording sessions with the Deaf next week.
  5. Edited two groups of FSL video recordings. I am looking into automating this with video segmentation.
  6. Started working on the problem of metrics. How do I measure similarities between (recorded) signs?


  1. Re-organized the files under my thesis directory. Includes updates to the back-up scripts.
  2. Added to the goals for the marathon: video segmentation module
  3. Added to the goals for the marathon: hand shape recognition
  4. Added to the goals for the marathon: hand tracking
  5. Constantly underestimate the scope of sign language complexity.

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