Globe Tattoo on Fedora 12

How to get Globe Tattoo prepaid wireless working in Fedora 12
updated: added minor details, minor edits

It mostly just worked. By default, Network Manager and Modem Manager are installed. If not, install them first. I also installed the usb_modeswitch utility; but I didn't need it. The USB Modem is detected after about 10 secs.

  • Create a new Mobile Broadband connection in Network Manager.
  • Network Manager and Modem Manager detects Globe Tattoo as HUAWEI Technology HUAWEI Mobile
  • Choose Philippines and Globe Telecom among the mobile broadband providers.
  • Accept the default settings and Save.
  • Edit the settings

After reading assorted forums and some trial and error, here are the settings in Network Manager that worked for me.

Using the Globe Tattoo Pre-paid SIM card.
  • access number: *99#
  • username: blank
  • password: globe
  • APN:

Using my Globe Post-paid SIM card.
I inserted my Globe Post-paid card in the modem and it worked. I made sure that I had set my internet settings to TIME. (Send TIME to 1111 via text message)

  • access number: *99#
  • username: globe
  • password: globe
  • APN:

Other notes

  • Markings on the USB Modem declare it as a Huawei E1552 HSDPA USB stick
  • lsub shows it is a Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E620 USB Modem
  • lsub shows the USB ID as 12d1:1001
  • The USB modem also shows up as a storage device with drivers and utilities for Windows, Mac OS. I didn't try these out. I usually just unmount this.
  • A fancy colored sticker covers the LED indicator. The sticker was easy to remove, just peel slowly.
  • The LED flashes green when connecting to 2G network.
  • The LED flashes blue when connecting to 3G+ networks
  • If the LED is steady the modem has successfully connected to the network.
  • Under the SIM slot, there is a microSD card slot. I have yet to try this.
  • I have 64-bit Fedora 12 installed on a Lenovo Thinkpad SL400; that's a topic for another post.

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