Sign Language Recognition - Direct Measure

There are two general approaches to sign language recognition in terms of how the computer "sees". Direct Measure approaches rely on devices that sense the position of the fingers, thumb, arms, and so on. The CyberGlove is one such measuring device. The subject wears the glove and when the subject moves, the glove relays the information from sensors built-in the glove to a computer or other recording device.


  • Exact measurements of positions, angles, velocities of the fingers, thumb, arms and so on.
  • It is unaffected by lighting conditions, static/dynamic backgrounds, color and pattern of clothes worn by the subject, and subject skin tones.
  • No obstruction problems. It doesn't matter if one hand is in front of another.


  • Cumbersome in non-laboratory settings.
  • Artificial; most people don't wear gloves in their day-to-day activities (at least here in the tropics).
  • Gloves bring additional equipment costs if we are creating practical applications of sign language recognition.

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